Ashley-Amber Taylor

Ashley-Amber Taylor is a member of the Taylor family. She is current wife and Brittany and Brian’s step-mother.

Ashley-Amber is a woman who is typically seen as attractive. She is slightly taller than Brittany and is also much more filled out and curvier than her. She has wavy shoulder-length blonde hair with long bangs framing her face. She is typically seen wearing a green V-neck tank top with a white stripe paired with black leggings.

Due to her young age, and more youthful appearance, and ditsy personality, she is commonly mistaken for a high school student, especially when she’s around Brittany.

From The Daria Database, it is shown that Ashley-Amber is twenty-six-years-old at the start of the series. She met Steve at a photo shoot.

Before she was married to Steve, she was the poster model for St. Peter Girl beer. Her slogan was: «I’ll cure what ‘ales’ you.»

In her speaking parts, Ashley-Amber seems to be quite dim and has a strong big-sister relationship with Brittany, who enjoys hanging out with her.

In The Old and the Beautiful, her first speaking role, Daria mistakes Ashley-Amber for Brittany’s older sister when she answers the door. Due to her ditsy-ness, Ashley-Amber gets confused and thinks there is possibly an unknown Taylor she’s never heard of. She then suggests she and this supposed Taylor sister could get manicures with her.

She later appears in Groped by an Angel where she is first seen taking Brittany to the mall to buy glitter for Brittany’s C-Minus party. When she asks a sales associate how glitter is made, she believes a lie he tells about it being made of crumpled up beams of sunlight. After she suggests that she and Brittany can save money by doing that themselves, the associate asks her if she’s seeing anyone. Later at Brittany’s party, Upchuck hits on her unaware of who she is. After she is finally able to get it out that she’s Brittany’s stepmother, Upchuck is at first shocked, but decides to go for it anyway. After he realizes that she has walked away, he starts wandering through the party trying to find her again calling out her name.

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The Daria Database (written before her first speaking appearance) adds an unexpected new depth to her, stating that without Steve realizing she’s «secretly learning the joint-property laws». It also states Brittany uses Ashley-Amber’s ID to get into clubs.

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